Birthdays, Holidays

Celebrating Our February Babies and Wishing Everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day <3

First off, We here at Grupo Folklorico Echale Porras want to wish all our February babies a very Happy Birthday! This month we seemed to only have one which happened to be our very own Ms. Jasmine, who has actually been one of our dancers who’s been here since the very beginning. We hope you had a great birthday and we hope you stay with us for many more!

Second, we also want to wish everyone out there a very Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you are spending it with someone special or you’re rocking it by yourself/with friends we love you and hope you spend it safe and dry form the rain.

This is an especially special Valentine’s Day for Ericka and I as this is going to be our first and last Valentine’s Day as fiances. So once again Happy Valentines Day and Happy Birthday from (for the last time) Mr. Porras and Ms. Martinez.

-Andres y Ericka ❤

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