Birthdays, Dance

Vacations, Heartbeat of Mexico and more…

We want to thank all of our kids, their parents, friends, family and supporters for helping us complete a second successful year of Grupo Folklorico Echale Porras! Without you all we wouldn’t be able to continue passing along our love of Folklorico to all of you.

Being able to watch these kids’ growth from Folklorico Newbie to now has been outstanding and we are so proud of them. What started as a one-day-a-week class has turned into an almost full-time (volunteer) effort, with 4 classes per week and constant events we love every moment and look forward to many more years.

This past weekend we performed at the 2019 Heartbeat of Mexico Celebration and were lucky that the rain decided to let up during our set. Along with our Jalisco and Calabaceado sets we debuted some new songs from the region of Sinaloa! Thank you to the Musco Events Center for hosting us and this event, we look forward to next year! Videos are up on YouTube and linked below!

Our classes for the school year have officially ended and you all get a well-deserved vacation! We will start Summer Classes on June 4th, Mon-Thurs 6pm-8pm. See you all there, and have a great rest!

-Andres y Ericka ❤





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