Forever our little ones…

It has only been a month since we returned to class (following social distance rules etc) and we could not be more happy with the way things are going. We missed our kiddos and we missed dancing!

What Andres and Ericka were not prepared for was the big change in our dancers 😱 They have grown so tall, wiser, faster, and did I say TALL. Mrs. Ericka has already come to terms that all of our students will one day be taller than her because she is short. But “it’s ok to be short” she says.

Thank you parents and dancers for continuing to be so supportive through all this. We know it has not been easy. We know Zoom and in-person classes are not the same as they once were. But we will continue to put our all into teaching the beautiful art of Folklorico and our culture ❤️


Happy Birthday Ms. Kayla!

We want to wish a very Happy 11th Birthday to our own Ms. Kayla! You are growing everyday and we’re excited to have spent our day practicing and celebrating with you! #6feetapart

Hopefully we see you through many more birthdays!

It’s been a while but Birthday posts are coming back and hopefully we have some more updates as we ramp up our practices again!

GF Echale Porras is holding socially distant practices in person and through Zoom!


Celebrating our January Babies

We want to extend Birthday wishes to all those who had birthdays in January! (yeah we’re a bit late here)

Whether you’re a dancer, parent, supporter or you just happen upon our posts, thank you. Without all your support we wouldn’t be able to continue teaching our kiddos.

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Señor Pedro (little Pedros dad). He generously offered us his home for us to practice in and believes/supports Ericka and Andres’ vision for the future of Échale Porras. Gracias!

We have a couple performances in the pipeline and we are excited to be starting 2020 out strong! Look forward to some new dances 😉

If you’d like to donate to the the the group please use any of the following services!


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New Year, More Practice

Grupo Folklorico Échale Porras is ready to start off a new Folklorico year full of practice, performances and Mr. Pedro being as silly as ever!

Échale Porras practices officially start on Monday January 13th! The maestros have a great number of ideas for new songs, regions, costumes and performances so don’t miss out!

If anyone in the Santa Ana, or surrounding areas, is interested in joining feel free to contact us here or on our website!

Also a quick update regarding our Knotts Berry Farm performance: we have rescheduled the performance date to Sunday March 29th @ 12:30pm – 1pm. We hope to see you all there!


End of Another Year at Echale Porras

We hope everyone is having a great Holiday season and spending it with those they love!

We’ve had quite a bit go on recently so before getting into the meat of this post here are a couple quick updates.

  • Pictures for our performance at St. Pius V for their Dia Del Virgen celebracion are at the attached below
  • Our first Kermes was a huge success and with the money we should be able to pay for all our chicos’ tickets for their upcoming Knotts Berry Farm performance! (pictures below)
  • We do have one last performance for this year. We are performing at this year’s Winter Fest OC on Saturday Dec 28th starting at 2pm. We hope to see you there!

Echale Porras has ended another year of production and we couldn’t be happier with the progress our chicos have made since starting their folklorico journey with Ericka and I. They are what motivates us to spend 4 days a week teaching them after we get out of work. Their passion fuels us to get them performances anywhere we can so they can show off their skills to the world.

We want to give a huge thank you to their parents for bringing them day in and day out and for sticking by us through the bumpy second half of the year.

Our parents committed to following us wherever we went as we’ve shown their children our unrelenting commitment over the past two years. Along with our chicos, they are the lifeblood of GF Echale Porras and we couldn’t ask for a better support system!

Thank you to all of you who support GF Echale Porras. Whether you come out to performances, watch us on YouTube, like us on Facebook or at least like our posts. You help us to keep going and get better as time flies by. Plus our kiddos like the attention so go show them the love.

We hope everyone has a safe and very Happy Holidays and we will see you in full force in 2020!

-Andres y Ericka Porras ❤