Makeup Steps

Step 1: Apply pink above the crease and slightly to the front of the eye. This allows the pink to show through even when the eye is open. This also makes the eye look larger as you are creating a higher crease.

Step 1


Eyeshadow you will need for our makeup:




gold/ glitter


Step 2

Step 2: Apply lilac over the lid and in the natural crease. We are now starting our light to dark effect. Emphasize the lilac more towards the outer corner of the eye.





Step 3Step 3: Apply purple to the outer corner of the eye only. After completing this step you can go back and retouch parts of the eye and clean the outer corner. Apply concealer or any correcting product to create a clean line on the outer corner of the eye.




Step 4

Step 4: Apply gold glitter to the center/inner lid of the eye. This will brighten the lid and open the eye to appear larger.






Step 5: Create a wing using eyeliner. Starting at and follow the line of the bottom lid, draw a line going upward. Then angle that line back to follow the top lid. Now you have a triangle. Fill in the triangle and you have a wing!

arrow makeupSmall eyes: Do NOT make the wing thick, this will cause the eye to look smaller. This will also cover the eyeshadow when the eye is open.

Big eyes: You can make the wing thicker if you’d like but not too thick as it will also cover the eyeshadow when the eye is open.

You will need:

Black eyeliner (liquid or gel preferred)

*waterproof is ideal*


eyebrows arrows

Step 6: Here you can go back retouch again if needed and clean-up the eyeliner with concealer or a correcting product to make it nice and sharp. You may choose to do the eyebrows before eyeshadow or after. When filling in eyebrows, line your natural eyebrow at the bottom first starting closest to ur nose and working your way out. Then follow the curve of your eyebrow on top again starting closest to your nose and working your way out. Then fill in between the two lines. The eyebrow should look natural therefore fill it in using hair-like strokes. You may use concealer or a correcting product to sharpen the eyebrow shape.

Step 7: Last steps, apply mascara, eyelashes, and some highlighter (inner corner of the eye and on “eyebrow bone”). After that, all you need is Red lipstick, blush, earrings, your vestuario, headpiece, bloomers, shoes, SMILE AND DONE!

Step 10 You will need:

mascara (black and preferably waterproof)


red lipstick- (NOT brown, burgundy, purple, pink, or orange)

pink blush

*eyelashes not required for children*